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        The Vascular Biology Laboratory (Laboratório de Biologia Vascular) - LaBiVasc is located at the Institute of Biology (IB) at Universidade Estadual de Campinas – SP, Brazil (UNICAMP). The studies focus on the functional and molecular mechanisms involved in the vascular adjustments occurring in cardiovascular diseases and endocrine-metabolic disturbances. Our mission is also associated with training and guiding/supervising students and researchers interested in vascular biology.

            LaBiVasc is coordinated by Dr. Ana Paula Couto Davel and Dr. Maria Andréia Delbin, and it comprises undergraduate, master's, and PhD students from the Postgraduate Program in Molecular and Morphofunctional Biology, as well as post-doctoral researchers. The methodologies we use include the functional evaluation of resistance and conductance arteries, evaluation of protein and gene expression, in vitro studies with lineages, and primary culture of vascular wall cells, as well as histological and microscopic evaluations.