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Agenda IB

Fernando Roberto Martins

Ecology of natural plant populations and communities, especially in the Caatinga, Cerrado, and Atlantic Forest;

Helena Coutinho Franco de Oliveira

We have focused on the role of plasma lipoprotein metabolism and associated proteins particularly relevant for the development of atherosclerosis, diabetes and obesity. Hormonal, nutritional and pharmacological regulation of key proteins involved in the metabolism of plasma lipoproteins are investigated with the goal of elucidating molecular mechanisms and putative therapeutic targets for cardio-metabolic disturbances. Scientific contributions have been made concerning the understanding of CETP (cholesteryl ester transfer protein) gene expression and its effects regarding atherosclerosis susceptibility and possible new functions of this protein (Oliveira HCF, Raposo HF. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2020). Together with Anibal Vercesi group, we have demonstrated that mitochondrial bioenergetic function and redox state alterations are present in hyperlipidemic states that predispose to atherosclerosis (Oliveira HCF, Vercesi AE.Mol Aspects Med. 2020)

Wagner José Fávaro

His present research interests are uropathology, carcinogenesis, urogenital tumors, immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and nanobiotechnology in oncology. Responsible for the development of the OncoTherad immunomodulator, which has therapeutic application in several tumors.