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Agenda IB

Patricia Jacqueline Thyssen

Biology, ecology and taxonomy of Diptera and Coleoptera of forensic importance. Larval therapy. Insect vectors and pests.

André Victor Lucci Freitas

Labbor is located in the Animal Biology Department (Departamento de Biologia Animal) at Unicamp, Campinas, SãoPaulo. The lab focuses its research in studies on natural history, ecology and systematics of Neotropical lepidoptera. Current lines of research include butterfly taxonomy and phylogeny, natural history, adult and immature morphology, community ecology, and conservation.

Martin Francisco Pareja Piaggio

My research focusses on how plant traits affect the interactions between plants and insects. I am particularly interested in how plant traits change after interactions with herbivores and how these changes can influence the structure of natural and agricultural communities.