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It is among the best courses in Biological Sciences in the country. Maximum grade in Enade and 5-star courses by the Quero Educação Guide
Our graduate programs have professors who are nationally and internationally recognized in their areas of research, and offer masters, doctoral and professional master's courses.
With research published in the best periodics, our researchers have effectively collaborated with the development of the biological sciences.
Discover our extension courses and services offered by our laboratories and researchers.

Agenda IB

Fernanda Ramos Gadelha

The research activities undertaken at our laboratory aim to study the Biochemistry of trypanosomatids, especially Trypanosoma cruzi, with emphasis on their bioenergetics and antioxidant mechanisms. We also test potential compounds to develop a more specific and less toxic therapy for Chagas disease.

Henrique Marques de Souza

Screening for molecules controlling essential biological processes in insects through gene silencing (RNAi), genomic editing (CRISPR-Cas9) and global gene expression analysis (RNA-seq) techniques aiming at the development of sustainable biotechnological solutions to control agricultural pests.

Luís Felipe de Toledo Ramos Pereira

Amphibians - Conservation, Taxonomy, Natural History, Behavior, Bioacoustics, Diseases