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It is among the best courses in Biological Sciences in the country. Maximum grade in Enade and 5-star courses by the Quero Educação Guide
Our graduate programs have professors who are nationally and internationally recognized in their areas of research, and offer masters, doctoral and professional master's courses.
With research published in the best periodics, our researchers have effectively collaborated with the development of the biological sciences.
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Agenda IB

Thomas Michael Lewinsohn

Insect-plant interactions
Community ecology
Spatial, functional and structural organization of biodiversity
History of ecology

Paulo Sérgio Moreira Carvalho de Oliveira

Ecology and Social Behavior of Ants
Ant-Plant Interactions,
Multitrophic Interactions Involving Ants,
Ant-Plant Mutualisms,
Molecular Ecology of Ants,
Ant-Associated Microbial Communities,
Antipredator Defense in Insects

Patricia Jacqueline Thyssen

Biology, ecology and taxonomy of Diptera and Coleoptera of forensic importance. Larval therapy. Insect vectors and pests.