Fabio Pinheiro

My research is focused to understand the evolution of reproductive barriers among lineages and populations, which is a key step in speciation. A diverse array of mechanisms, such as hybridization, introgression and selection for divergent habitats are investigated in order to understand plant speciation within Neotropical region. Our lab members use different but complementary approaches to understand the first steps of speciation. Students from different research fields are welcome.

Flávio Dias Passos

Zoology, malacology; biodiversity of marine molluscs; taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, anatomy and biology of bivalves, aplacophorans, gastropods and polyplacophorans.

Eneida de Paula

Biochemical pharmacology and pharmaceutical technology: 1) Development and characterization of drug-delivery systems in carriers such as cyclodextrins, liposomes, Nanostructured lipid carriers; 2) Biochemistry and Biophysics applied to the study of amphiphile interaction with biomimetic systems.