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Agenda IB

Fernando Roberto Martins

Ecology of natural plant populations and communities, especially in the Caatinga, Cerrado, and Atlantic Forest;

Fabio Pinheiro

My research is focused to understand the evolution of reproductive barriers among lineages and populations, which is a key step in speciation. A diverse array of mechanisms, such as hybridization, introgression and selection for divergent habitats are investigated in order to understand plant speciation within Neotropical region. Our lab members use different but complementary approaches to understand the first steps of speciation. Students from different research fields are welcome.

Anete Pereira de Souza

My main research area is the study of genetic diversity in different biological systems, its use and applications in plant breeding, conservation of wild species and new biotechnological targets in fungi for biomass degradation. These studies have been carried out mainly through molecular biology approaches, genetic and genomic analyses, biotechnology, computational biology, bioinformatics and statistical genetic tools.