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The Institute of Biology is an academic entity committed to produce and disseminate knowledge at a high level, promote activities of teaching, research and extension services in the diverse areas of Biological Sciences. Structure: The Institute of Biology is one of the first three academic units dedicated to teaching, research and extension to be created at Unicamp. The Institute is compo...
The Institute of Biology is responsible for the courses in Biological Sciences (day and evening) and jointly responsible for the course in Pharmacy, catering for some 600 students per semester. The Institute also teaches disciplines for various other courses at the University, involving over 1500 students per semester.   Bachelor degree and Teaching license in Biological Sciences The d...
The seven graduate courses run by the Institute of Biology at both the Master’s and Doctorate levels cover all the main areas of Biological Sciences and their objectives are the production of science, technology and culture, and the formation of professionals at a high level. According to an evaluation of these courses carried out by CAPES over the triennial 2007-2009, two of them obtained a score...
Extension services
These activities include all the main and related areas of Biological Sciences, strictly integrated with other activities of the university, with the view of attending academic interests and those of society.   Services The Institute of Biology offers services in the following areas:   - Ultra-structural studies;   - Detection of parasites and pathogens in clini...
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
O artigo Hybridization and geographic distribution shapes the spatial genetic structure of two co-occurring orchid species, do Prof. Fabio Pinheiro do Departamento de Biologia Vegetal do IB é capa do periódico Heredity, da Nature.
Saturday, June 22, 2019
Cronograma de Oferecimento de Disciplinas Eletivas - 2020 a 2022
Acesse a Programação de Oferecimento de Disciplinas Eletivas - 2020 a 2022